DIY – Starbucks Vanilla Latte


This is a really easy coffee to make yourself, all you need is a coffee machine With milk steamer, coffee capsules, skimmed milk (or any other milk – I use skimmed so that it doesn’t contain that many calories) sugar og sweetener (I use a Liquid sweetener), and one or two drops of vanilla extract (Depends on how much vanille taste you prefer). How: make coffee in a large glass together With sugar/sweetener and Vanilla extract – steam milk mixed With some sweetener and have it into the large glass together With the coffee. Done.

Looking for a New Coffee Machine? If so, I can recommend this one from Nespresso. I’ve had it for two years now, and have nothing but good Things to say about it.


Fashion Inspo comming your way

After only writing about sad stuff I needed to do something fun, and since I’m leaving for Miami Florida next Saturday what’s better than finding som fashion inspiration online before going Wild in Aventura Shopping mall, Sawgrass Mills ++++

Here’s the styles that I’m really into at the moment: