How to loose weight – in a healthy way

My best advice to those who want to loose weiht both quick and in a helathy way is to avoid a couple of food types. Those are:

– Bread (NO bread except for one day a week)

– Rice/pasta (doesn’t matter wether it’s full grain or not..)

– Potatoes

– Food that contains lots of fat and/or sugar

This might seem impossible to do if you’re used to having bread for breakfast and lunch, and then you’re eating rice or pasta for dinner, but it’s actually really easy to avoid those ingredients, and you’ll end up with much less calories a day when doing so. Examples on what you can eat instead:

Breakfast: yoghurt (100ml or less), fruit (whatever you prefer and as much as you would like), nuts (10 gram or less) and some honey (10 gram or less). Low fat cottage cheese (200-300 gram) is also a great choice, with some jam (sugarfree, 40 gram).

Lunch: Salad! I know, salad sounds sooo boring, but with the right combo it’s more yummi than anything else! And the best of all, you can eat as much as you want without having to feel any guilt! But stay away for oil and dressing (unless you’ve made the dressing yourself, and it’s a low fat version), and do not add too much corn. I normally use lettuce, cucumber, a tomato, red onion, some sun dried tomatoes, some corn and some meat (have you tried the oven roasted turkey? if not, you should!) – sorry, you don’t get to add any pasta…

Dinner: meat and salad and/or vegetables

These are the basic rules – but remeber that you’re aloud to have one eating-day a week when you can have whatever you like to eat – but you shouldn’t take it too far though.